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Much of the strength we enjoy today as a school is due to the previous leadership of Woodberry Forest. Men and women who have been exemplary stewards of the school’s financial and physical resources, building the endowment and developing our beautiful campus. The Campaign for the Boys is the culmination of decades of work, including past capital campaigns, and will secure the work we have already done, setting Woodberry on a sustainable course far into the future. 

One of Woodberry’s enduring strengths as a school is the abiding relationships that boys form with each other. Friendships begun at Woodberry sustain us throughout our lives. Alumni also recognize that the campus is a place where they can always return for rest and renewal. These enduring relationships are why Woodberry alumni support the school at rates higher than alumni of any other school or college in the country. The Campaign for the Boys honors the alumni, parents, and friends of the school who have come before us, establishing the school’s traditions of intellectual thoroughness and moral integrity. The campaign sustains the boys here now, offering them extraordinary opportunities to grow as learners, leaders, and citizens. And this campaign prepares the way for boys yet to come by securing the resources needed to double down on Woodberry’s unique culture.

Campaign Executive Committee 2023 


The Campaign Executive Committee has taken the lead in securing support for the Campaign for the Boys and keeping us on track to meet our goals for the school.


Edward “Ted” Baker ’96

Dorothy “D.D.” A. Matz

Robert “Bob” P. Roper, Jr. ’64

Committee Members

John R. Belk '77 (Parent '08) 

William K. Caler, Jr. '63 

Thomas H. Claiborne '83 (Parent '14, '16, '20) 

Sumner S. Finch ’75, (Parent '11) 

Frederick R. Lummis II '71 

C. H. Randolph Lyon '61 

Giles Tucker '85 (Parent '13, '19) 

Benjamin R. Wall '94 

Board of Trustees 2022-2023


Current Trustees

Edward L. Baker II ’96

Patrick F. Bassett           

John R. Belk '77 (Parent '08) 

Hope H. Bryant (Parent '12, '14, '17)

Thomas H. Claiborne '83 (Parent '14, '16, '20)

Benjamin H. Davis ’89 (Parent '24)

Edward M. Deal ’84 (Parent ’12,’18)

Broderick C. Dunn ’00

Damien R. Dwin ’93

Franklin S. Edmonds, Jr. '87

Sumner S. Finch ’75, (Parent '11), Chairman

Nelson O. Fitts '93

Ragan Folan (Parent '10, '13)

Harley S. Garrison ‘87
William M. James '80 (Parent '15)
Dorothy A. Matz (Parent '15, '18, '21)

D. Matthew Middelthon ’88

Rita W. Ross (Parent ’05, ’09)

Robert H. Spilman, Jr. ’74 (Parent ’10)

Owen D. Thomas ’79, Chair elect

Giles Tucker '85 (Parent '13, '19)

Benjamin R. Wall II ’94


Trustee Emeritus                                                                 
Sion A. Boney III '74 (Parent '16)

Haynes G. Griffin '65 (Parent '87, '92, '98)

Trustee Elect
Edward D. C. Campbell Jr. '66

Clay E. Thomson '91

Edward W. Valentine '83

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