Boys have never needed Woodberry Forest School  more than they do today. 
The world has never needed Woodberry Forest School more than it does today.



"The Campaign for the Boys honors those boys who have come before us, sustains those here now, and prepares the way for those yet to come."          


— Headmaster Byron Hulsey '86


To secure Woodberry’s mission of educating boys in a community built on intellectual thoroughness and moral integrity, we have launched The Campaign for the Boys. This campaign will advance the student experience for decades to come by endowing support for tuition assistance and for the school’s faculty and staff. The Campaign for the Boys has already helped fund the complete restoration of the Walker Building, ensuring this iconic space will remain at the heart of the Woodberry student experience.



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Tuition Assistance 


Secure the long-term resources needed to make a Woodberry education available to any boy with the talent and desire to succeed as a Tiger and make the school more affordable to all families by allowing for lower, more sustainable increases in tuition in the years ahead. 

Faculty Support

Provides resource to ensure the school can hire and retain the very best faculty and staff who will know, challenge, and love Woodberry boys each and every day.

Walker Building  


Restore the Walker Building, which has been the heart of our campus since 1899, so that it can serve boys' needs for decades to come

“We try to teach that education is training for service to others rather than success for one’s self; to give rather than to get; for sacrifice rather than gratification.”


— J. Carter Walker, 1955

Tuition Assistance Goal
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$125 Million

Tuition Assistance 

Goal: $80 Million

Walker Building

Goal Met

Faculty and Staff Support

Goal Met

The Challenge
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The current and former Board is challenging the Tiger Nation to help us conclude the Campaign for the Boys and meet our goals. Woodberry has a proud tradition of collective philanthropy. The school has the highest alumni giving rate of any school or university in the country. Past campaigns for the school have drawn on a deep and broad pool of support, receiving gifts of every size from alumni, parents, and friends. The Campaign for the Boys is no different. 


To achieve the campaign’s objectives in the next year and a half, three extraordinary Tigers — Laura Bucholz, Bill Caler ’63, and Fred Lummis ’71 generously pledged $5 million toward tuition assistance and challenged the current board of trustees to match it, which they promptly did, bringing the total to $10M. The board then turned around and challenged all former trustees to match their $10M, and we have secured $20M. Now the current and former trustees are challenging the Woodberry community to raise an additional $20M. It will take the participation of every member of the Woodberry community to achieve this ambitious goal and secure the future of the school in perpetuity. If we meet this challenge, we will meet the goals of the campaign and secure Woodberry’s unique culture and style of education for future decades of students. Whether it's a contribution to the Amici Fund or the creation of a new scholarship in the endowment, the gift will go towards the challenge.

The Impact of Investing
in Woodberry

Jim Davis ’99 spends plenty of time analyzing financial statements and studying the investment propositions of companies large and small. That’s only natural for a man who’s spent the last twelve years managing his own hedge fund, Woodson Capital Management. And though he has a master’s degree in accounting and an MBA from Wake Forest University, underpinning his business education and investing career is the liberal arts education he received at Davidson College, where he majored in history and minored in math, and at Woodberry Forest School.


“A liberal arts education has a lot of applicability to investing,” Jim says. “You distill your learning into a cogent thesis and put that into writing. A lot of wildly credentialed people can be very smart but unable to write a coherent sentence. The advantage to that liberal arts background is learning how to think and communicate.”

He credits David McRae and Scott Tumperi for helping advance his interest in math and teachers like Ben Hale and John Reimers for shaping his skills as a writer and thinker.

Larry Krieger ‘65 owes his relationship with Woodberry to the parents of one of his childhood friends. He tagged along on a road trip from his native New Jersey primarily to visit Washington, DC. Woodberry was supposed to be a secondary stop. But by the end of the weekend, it was the columns of the Walker Building, not the nation’s capital, that left the strongest impression.


“The facility itself was so overwhelming. I think that was when I first fell in love with Woodberry,” Larry said. “I just remember thinking, ‘Wow, this place is really unbelievable.’”

He followed the visit up with a stint at summer school, where he met soon-to-be classmates Temple Grassi ‘65 and Skip Deegans ‘65. From that point forward, Larry said, his experience at Woodberry was “as good as it gets.” He was a standout on the varsity tennis team and quarterbacked the 1964 Tigers to the school’s first perfect gridiron season in more than twenty years, including a 14–6 win against Episcopal High School. Off the field and in the classroom, he credits his maturation to several legendary Woodberry faculty families.


Jim Davis '99 Making Opportunities Available to All

Larry Krieger '65: Supporting the Growth of Young Adults

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Ways to Support

From the Amici Fund to capital and endowment support to planned giving, there are many ways to invest in the future of Woodberry Forest School. All gifts ultimately fall into one of two categories: present support or perpetual support. 


Present support — gifts that are used immediately, largely consist of gifts to the Amici Fund and capital support. Gifts to the Amici Fund support the experience of boys here now, and account for 10 percent of the school’s operating budget, paying for everything from faculty salaries to scholarships for students. Capital support is used to improve the school’s physical plant from the renovation of the Walker building to the construction of new faculty homes.

Endowed support — Endowed funds are invested by the board of trustees and investment committee with an eye toward maximizing long-term returns. Income and appreciation of the original gift allows the school to receive funds each year while the initial capital is preserved and continues to grow. Endowed funds support tuition assistance for students, faculty support or programming - these gifts provide a lasting legacy that will benefit the school in perpetuity. Establishing a new fund or supporting an existing fund in the Woodberry endowment means your gift will support the school forever.


If you would like to continue the conversation, please reach out to:

Catherine Wharton                  
Assistant Headmaster for External Affairs
and Chief Development Officer             
(540) 672-6183

Kristina Jones

Director of Campaign Operations

(540) 672-6078

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